Our mission is to create engaging, energizing workspaces that reflect our clients’ personalities while remaining respectful of their budgets. We work with clients to determine the image they want to convey and the one that best represents their individual spirit, whether law firm traditional or online marketer funky.

A space that is considered fun, inviting, and “outside the box” does not have to have an outsized budget, but it does need creativity, willingness and courage. We design spaces that foster collaboration, not segregation by creating transitions within the existing building elements through the artful use of color and materials. W2 Group, a collection of marketing services companies, was seeking a downtown location to headquarter two of their brands, Racepoint Group and Digital Influence Group. Working within a limited budget and an aggressive time frame, we provided them with a dynamic, efficient and colorful workspace that reflected their vibrant, young, and slightly quirky style.

Likewise, Burst Media in Burlington MA had a clear idea about how they wanted to present themselves and capitalized on the renovation to rebrand themselves. Colorful films in the reception and conference areas play on the active quality suggested by the company’s name. Planning for future growth, we designed a flexible, still-evolving physical environment. Team-building areas interspersed among workstations can be converted to individual workspaces in the future, allowing the company to add to their capacity without expanding into additional space.