About Us

Four decades ago, John Dyer founded a firm dedicated to maximizing value for clients and work environments where people and company missions combined to catalyze success. Three generations of owner-stewards later, the successor firms and owners have completed work in more than 20 countries and 40 states reflecting a range of types from the subdued institutional to the most edgy and creative environments. After 43 years, Dyer’s values, mission and perspective have spread from one small office on Broad Street in Downtown Boston throughout Massachusetts as well as to London, England. In 2005, the Wellesley studio was created to serve suburban clients and as a crucible to forge a different design dialogue while maintaining the core values of incredible responsiveness to client needs. In 2012, we began a five year journey to complete the creation of a self directed, creative professional practice. Jenny Pineros and Carol Gillen are the leaders of this open studio and will continue its history of great work environments, client satisfaction and creativity.